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About Dacia

Who knew Romania could serve such quality cars? Few carmakers have come from rock-bottom like Dacia has, who began mass-producing cars for their home country under the guise of Renault. However, over 5 decades, they went from strength to strength, improving exponentially on his mission to provide Romanian citizens with the best family and work saloons possible.
Now, Dacia is Romania’s biggest company, exporting its range across the globe and solidifying a true rags-to-riches success story. It was all achieved by striving and working to make the best car possible for those on a budget, and if you’re on the lookout for an affordable and dependable business car lease, there’s no finer automaker.

Why Lease a New Dacia for Your Business Car?

Dacia represents cheap and cheerful motoring at its best. A business lease on a Dacia is outrageously low-cost but comes with such a surprising level of quality that you’ll wonder why you would bother paying more. Newer models are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and show you as a business person who recognises a great deal when you see one.
Dacia has a modest but concentrated line-up spearheaded by the new Dacia Sandero. A national hero that has captured the world’s hearts after a wider release, it is the epitome of under-promising and over-delivering in motoring form. For those who desire an SUV without the expensive markup, the lauded Dacia Duster lease deals on offer will make your money go extremely far - quite literally. The bi-fuel edition has a fuel tank that can take you up to 800 miles on a single fill-up.

Why Lease a Dacia with cars2buy?

If you want to save money on a brand new Dacia, leasing can be a great option that doesn’t saddle you with a large payment and the responsibility of owning a car. At cars2buy, we take care of finding verified lease deals for you, allowing you to search for thousands of deals all in one handy service. Have you thought about a new Dacia Duster lease for your business to optimise utility while keeping costs low? Plunder our Dacia lease deal selection today and shorten the journey towards driving a new Dacia today.