Why Choose Electric or Hybrid?

In a cost-conscious market, electric cars represent smart value for money. With their far lower running costs thanks to electric power being cheaper than fuel costs, and with lower monthly payments at cars2buy, an electric lease cuts costs in ways that petrol or diesel-powered cars cannot. If you’re looking for a deal, we offer hassle-free motoring at a fraction of the cost of buying a car outright.

Protecting the environment and sustainable living has grown to be of great importance to drivers, and a car partly or even fully powered by electricity is a much greener way to travel. These zero-emission vehicles can run every day without causing any pollution to the environment. What’s more, as carmakers are able to use more advanced technology to improve efficiency, EVs and hybrids are an entirely new level of fuel economy. You’ll be able to go further with a lot less energy.

Even as a style icon, electric cars have a glowing image that makes any driver feel like a forward-thinking individual with an eye for technology and the environment. Many electric cars have bold styling to make them look like they’re from the future, but even for those who wanted a subtler appearance to blend in with today, there are plenty of options for you, too.

Understanding Different Electric Car Types

Pure Electric

100% electric cars remove the conventional engine altogether, powered solely by a large battery and electric motor. They are charged up primarily using a plug, making it just like charging your phone, but also use regenerative braking to improve mileage. All-electric cars run on zero CO2 emissions and are the cheapest cars on the road to run.

Plugin Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid has a medium-sized battery that runs the car on day-to-day trips while the petrol or diesel engine handles longer journeys. Once the battery runs out of energy, the car acts like a conventional hybrid complete with regenerative braking. It can be charged up by plugging in, the same as a BEV, and you'll find that the battery can run the car for 20-40 miles before needing to use the engine.

Conventional Hybrid

A conventional hybrid electric car has a small battery and a petrol or diesel engine. The battery can only power the car at slow speeds for short periods of time since it is not able to be plugged in, instead using regenerative braking to power itself. By and large, you’ll be driving with the conventional internal combustion engine most of the time.

Charging Options

Many are hesitant to lease an electric car because of “range anxiety” - the fear that you won’t have enough range to get to your destination or a charging point. However, the range of electric cars is increasing as companies are all investing in improving technology, and there are plenty of charging options available. There are over 43,000 public charging stations across the UK, in petrol stations, shopping centres, chain restaurants and more. Plus, when you’re at home, you can invest in a household charging station or use a standard three-pin plug. Powering your electric car is easier, quicker and cheaper than ever before.

The Pros & Cons of Leasing an Electric Car

We look through the key factors such as depreciation, battery life and service costs to weigh electric car leases up against other options.

Electric Car Home Charging Points

With the government doubling-down on a zero-emissions future, electric car home charging systems might be worth the investment.

Latest EV News

Read the latest news and reviews in the world of EV cars.

Electric & Hybrid Car Leasing FAQs

What Does an Electric Lease Entail?
At cars2buy, getting a lease couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve decided on the perfect deposit and monthly on your lease, you can pay the deposit and have the car all to yourself for however many months you decide upon. You will have a mileage limit you cannot go over, which you can also decide when choosing a lease.

At the end of the contract, simply hand your car back to the lease company and you can come back to us and find a brand new electric lease of your choosing.
Does cars2buy Offer No-Deposit Electric and Hybrid Lease Deals?
We know the difficulties of handing over a large deposit for a car lease, which is why we offer an array of no-deposit deals. A no-deposit car leasing is equal to an initial rental of one monthly rental, which is why you will often see the term length denoted as ‘1+23’ for a 24-month contract (‘9+23’ would be an initial rental equivalent to 9 monthly rentals).

Paying a low initial fee will inevitably increase the ongoing monthly rentals, but in many cases, the overall cost of the lease remains the same, which makes car leasing with no deposit a more manageable option. You can filter out any deposit deals on our website so you can browse for deposit-free electric or hybrid car lease deals.
Is an Electric Car Cheaper to Run?
Electric cars are cheaper to run than traditional combustion engine cars powered by petrol and diesel. Electricity is a far cheaper fuel source than petrol and maintenance costs are generally the same.
What is the Range of an Electric Car?
Many factors affect the range of an electric car, such as battery size, driving speeds and road conditions. However, a growing number of all-electric models can exceed 300 miles on a single charge.
Is It Better to Buy or Lease an Electric Car?
Because of the newer technology, all-electric cars typically have a higher upfront cost. For this reason, it may be beneficial to lease an electric car. This way, you get to experience the best years of an EV’s life while only paying for the value degradation rather than the full price of the car.
Does an Electric Car Battery Degrade Over Time?
EV batteries do degrade over time leading to a reduced range and the need to eventually replace the batteries. This is another reason why you may want to consider an electric car lease. With a lease, you will never have to think about battery degradation since leases typically only last up to 4 years.

Find Out More

To learn further about what an electric and hybrid car leasing deal entails click here. You can research about the pros and cons of leasing an electric car, find reviews on hybrid lease options and gather technical know-how on how to maximise the use of your new EV. It’s a one-stop shop for getting all the information you need to make an informed decision on your next electric lease.