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About DS

Originally starting as a sub-brand for France’s Citroen, DS has become its own stylish maker of luxury cars that range from compact city cars to SUVs. Beginning in 2010 with the DS 3 supermini, it became a runaway success both critically and commercially, winning the prestigious ‘Car of the Year’ award from Top Gear and by 2013 was the best-selling car in its field in Europe. In 2015, it made the jump to be a standalone brand, DS is now focusing its attention towards electric power with new models that promise to innovate in battery range without forgetting the quality of life that made them so appealing.
Its name stands for ‘Different Spirit’ and DS has become a symbol of upmarket driving experiences for the everyday traveller. Its cars are well-known for their dashing good looks on the outside, sophisticated interiors and immense build quality that will last way beyond what you might expect.

Why Lease a New DS for your Business Car?

DS is an excellent solution as a business car, not least because of its attention-grabbing style and advanced technology. Driving a DS is a statement against the mundane that upgrades your experience to one that perfectly balances luxury and affordability.
Options such as our DS 3 lease deals grant you impressive fuel economy that saves you money at the pump and reduces your carbon footprint. What’s more, its advanced safety tech means that the DS 3 has received a 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP, so you can ensure that a DS 3 lease deal will protect you on the road too.

Why Lease a DS with cars2buy?

cars2buy has an enviable range of offers to help you drive away in a brand new DS, including hundreds of high-quality Citroen DS3 lease deals with no deposit. Our transparent service scopes out the internet to find the very best business lease deals from trusted partners, you can be certain that you are getting a fantastic option with great customer service. Switch up your business car to a DS today with cars2buy’s lightning-quick service.