Genesis Business Leasing

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About Genesis

Genesis is a growing luxury offshoot of South Korea’s premier automaker Hyundai. Introduced in 2015, the brand’s key motivation is to push forward new technologies into the world of luxury cars, meaning you’ll have access to an impressive amount of amenities.
Bursting with new EV technology to rival the big hitters, Genesis’ only issue is that it can be hard to find in the UK. However, when it comes to leases, cars2buy is one of the largest Genesis dealers in the UK.

Why Lease a New Genesis for your Business Car?

Driving a Genesis car puts you in the company of high-level attention to detail and craftsmanship. This is the top end of Hyundai’s output, and with the number of innovations packed into these vehicles, you’ll find yourself continually surprised by what these machines can do. Plus, the exterior aesthetics are a futuristic cross between Mercedes-Benz’s executive design and Bentley’s thick grille and winged emblem.
Genesis boasts a compact but all-hits range of cars, chief amongst them being the Genesis G70 and G80 models. The Genesis G70 is an athletic saloon with an intoxicating turbocharger and a 2.0L engine. Meanwhile, the Genesis G80 is a mid-size executive car that has an interior cabin that beautifully blends digital and analogue stylings to create a wholly new experience.

Why Lease a Genesis with cars2buy?

Genesis is a hard brand to find in the UK for now, but cars2buy is one of the most reputable Genesis dealers in the UK. We have hundreds of lease offers from trusted partners that will put you several steps ahead in driving a model from this luxury line company for the next few years. Our transparent service searches the internet for you to find the very best business lease deals from trusted partners, you can be confident that you are getting a fantastic option with great customer service. Switch up your business car to a Genesis today with cars2buy’s lightning-quick service.