Maserati Business Leasing

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About Maserati

One of Italy’s finest motoring exports, Maserati sits alongside the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani as some of the most desirable cars in history. Founded in 1914 in Bolognia, the company has weathered many financial issues and dominated Formula One in its early days with Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel, all while continuing to perfect its craft. This resilience reflects in their iconic Fountain of Neptune logo, a symbol that represents strength and vigour.
In their century-plus of automotive genius, Maseratis have offered a level of exclusivity that other carmakers cannot match. Driving a Maserati communicates to others that you are committed to excellence.

Why Lease a New Maserati for Your Business Car?

A Maserati lease for business is ideal for those who love the design of Italian sports cars. Their sleek lines, high-quality finishes and distinctive grilles contribute to a sophisticated image of success that can be a massive boost to your business image.
Of the current lineup, our Maserati Ghibli lease deals are the most popular for how they evolve a historic name in the brand into a dashing and seductive four-door saloon. Just as attention-grabbing is a Maserati Levante lease, which transforms the classic Maserati foundations into a hulking and surprisingly practical SUV.

Why Lease a Maserati with cars2buy?

cars2buy is the UK’s most popular destination for Maserati lease deals because of our transparent lease comparison service. We collect thousands of quality offers from trusted partners up and down the country and put them in one place, taking out the burden of searching through multiple websites. Searching, sorting and filtering through Maserati Ghibli lease deals is a breeze at cars2buy. If you’re looking to take a business lease on this model or would prefer a Maserati Levante lease deal, starting your journey with cars2buy will put you several steps ahead of the rest.