MINI Business Leasing

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About MINI

From the working-class foundations of British Leyland, MINI has built a reputation for being one of the most value-for-money and instantly beloved cars that money can buy. Even during the downfall of British Leyland in the 70s, it maintained a strong build quality and dynamic  personality. It had a staying power that long outlasted its original maker as it was revived by Germany’s BMW in 2000. There’s truly something special about what the MINI represents.
Today though, the new MINI enjoys luxury hand-me-downs from its parent company BMW, which means that the price to lease one is shockingly affordable considering it comes with many of the trimmings from BMW’s high-tech and swanky saloons.

Why Lease a New MINI for Your Business Car?

Leasing a new MINI makes for a great business car for several reasons, chief among them the fact that you’ll be driving a style icon. Its nimble stature makes it ideal for roaming and squeezing through the tight city streets, and its fuel efficiency technology adopted from BMW makes it a very green car that reflects positively on you and your brand’s image.
Models such as the MINI Clubman lease make for excellent choices for their impressive boot space and surprisingly luxe interior. Meanwhile, a MINI Countryman lease is the biggest cousin of the family that beefs up the proportions to a crossover SUV size.

Why Lease a MINI with cars2buy?

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