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About Smart

Though it may not be a choice many think of for a business lease, Smart cars are a surprisingly affordable and easy-to-use commute car for those living in tight and busy areas. Initially conceived as a spin-off of Mercedes-Benz, the German company would go on to win multiple awards for its safety and energy-saving innovations. Creating a buzz in the late 2000s, it revolutionised what could be thought of as a city car and ushered in a new class of tiny street two-doors so small that they could be parallel-parked nose-to-kerb.
Today, the city car is a staple of any carmaker’s lineup, and fuel economy is among the primary improvements of the past 10 to 15 years, all thanks to the humble Smart car. Why have a copy when you can have the original?

Why Lease a New Smart as a Business Car?

A Smart car business lease is designed for a very particular type of driver. They are ideal for those who commute to work in the city and want to dart through tight streets, find parking spots easily and save on running costs with an economical engine.
The potential of Smart is best exemplified in the Smart Fortwo lease. Handling metropolitan areas with distinguished fuel economy and ultra-low CO2 emission rates makes the case for the environmentally-conscious city traveller.

Why Lease a Smart with cars2buy?

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