Mazda CX-5 Review

Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 range...

List Price

£26,405 - £37,995

Acceleration (0-62mph)

9.3 - 10.7 seconds

Top speed

119 - 129 mph

Engine Power

150 - 184 bhp

CO2 Emissions

128 - 150 g/km

Fuel Economy (Combined)

42.8 - 57.6 mpg

Prices & Specification

Great economy, spacious, good diesel engines


Petrol engine is a bit disappointing; a bit unstable in fast corners

The Mazda CX-5 is a truly impressive addition to the ever growing crossover market. Designed to meet Mazda’s SKYACTIV brand which is emphasising green engineering the CX-5 is very economical whilst still providing power, pace and space. Stay clear of the petrol engine and the larger wheels and you’ll be a happy bunny.


There are 3 Mazda CX-5 engines available, one petrol and two diesels. The petrol is a 2.0 litre model which produces 163bhp, and while it is not slow, it has to be worked very hard to get the best out of it, and is nowhere near as good as the diesels. The Mazda CX-5 diesel engines on offer are both 2.2 litre models with the smallest of the pair producing 148bhp. This engine is so good, it doesn’t really seem worthwhile stepping up to the 173bhp version. It can do 0 – 62mph in 9.4 seconds and provides power in all the right places. The gearboxes for all the models come from the MX-5 and are exceptionally smooth.


To make the CX-5 more economical Mazda have stripped down the weight and this has had a positive effect on the car’s handling. It feels sharp to turn in and body roll is pretty minimal. The only time the Mazda CX-5 feels anything less than composed is when you enter a corner quickly, this can just give the car a little wobble. The suspension is firm but not so firm as to cause a great deal of discomfort for those planning on doing longer journeys.


The CX-5 is Mazda’s first venture into the crossover market and it coincides with a new styling direction called KODO, which means Soul of Motion. What this means for the CX-5 is the front is designed to look like a cheetah, to achieve this Mazda have styled a line connecting the headlights and given the CX-5 a stylish new grille, and while David Attenborough won’t be getting confused between the two, it does have the desired effect on the Mazda CX-5’s styling. As well as this classy design you get some nice features as standard, such as twin exhaust pipes.


The Mazda CX-5’s interior has a distinctly sporty feel, with much of the interior similar in its design to the MX-5. To create this feel though, Mazda haven’t scrimped on space, with both front and rear passengers feeling like they have plenty of room. The CX-5’s boot is also spacious, starting out at 503 litres and if you fold away all the rear seats there is 1,620 litres on offer. The visibility is also excellent for the driver and the seats are comfortable and supportive for long haul driving.


Mazda has provided an excellent amount of equipment as standard with the CX-5. The basic trim is the SE-L which comes with alloys, auto lights and wipers and dual zone climate control as standard. If you do want even more then there is a Sport trim level as well, but while this does get you an excellent Bose stereo, leather trim, and a reversing camera, the 19 inch wheels on this model do undermine the Mazda CX-5’s stability.


The Mazda CX-5 body shell is made of super-strong steel and once you get inside there are a whole load of gadgets to make sure you stay safe. Lane Departure Warning, blind spot monitoring, and Smart City Breaking (which reduces the risk of collisions at low speed) are the more high-tech of the safety features, and are joined by more traditional features such as whiplash reducing headrest and driver and passenger airbags.

Buying & Owning4/5

This is the first Mazda to be built within the remit of the new SKYACTIV branding. This means it has been specifically designed to be green. The effects are truly impressive, with the diesel engine being able to do 61.4mpg, which is class leading by far, and is in fact better than many super-minis. Mazda have an excellent reliability record and there is nothing to suggest that this should change with the CX-5. Its green credentials should also make it easier to sell on.

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