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Why Buy A Kia?

Kia was founded in 1944 and is one of the largest manufacturers to come out of South Korea. The brand has been commended for its determination to create truly distinctive and instantly recognisable car models for families and city drivers alike. 
Originally producing bikes, the brand didn’t take long to see the potential within the automotive industry. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and currently produce around 1.4 million new cars a year. Not only are they a popular household brand, but Kia has also been quick to keep up with the movement towards alternative fuel sources with both fully electric and hybrid cars for sale within the range.

One of the most popular new Kia models is Kia Sportage. This small SUV is the perfect family vehicle being both spacious and affordable. The new Sportage features high-quality materials and the latest technology. For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, Kia has a fantastic selection of more eco-friendly cars to choose from. From plug-in hybrids like the Kia Niro or even all-electric options such as the Kia Soul EV.
Whichever model you go for, you'll be getting a high-quality car that's loaded with modern technology as standard. Explore the Kia new car range today.

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