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Subaru has been around a lot longer than you might think. For more than 70 years, Subaru has been building an enviable reputation for innovation and engineering excellence. Its first car was the 360 of 1958 - a Kei car that was designed to work best in the narrow streets of Tokyo, where parking was at a premium. Since then the Japanese brand has created brand new automotive genres, won races and rallies all over the globe and continually pushed engineering boundaries.
In 1992, it launched the Impreza, which did a great job of casting it onto the world’s spotlight. In 2012, it launched the BRZ, in collaboration with Toyota, which ended up being its first non-4WD model in three decades. From there it grew its range, and when it launched In recent years, Subaru's focus in the UK has shifted from high performance to crossovers - where its 4WD technology fits in perfectly.
Subaru has been making its move into the hybrid market with the launch of all-new Forester e-BOXER and XV e-BOXER. Their investments into sustainable cars have led to their first self-charging hybrid vehicles that are designed to deliver the same 5-star safety, go-anywhere capability, and rugged reliability that all Subaru SUVs and crossovers are renowned for. Driven by a passion, their main goal is getting drivers wherever they need to be, in the safest, most capable and most reliable car their experts can provide.

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All-terrain driving changed forever, with a family car suddenly able to go almost anywhere the driver wanted. A new Subaru is able to take all terrains all in its stride and shrug off either challenge with equal aplomb. It was so effective that Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is still the cornerstone of their vehicle range today. At cars2buy we have compiled a large selection of deals from Subaru dealers and independent car brokers on the entire range of Subaru cars to ensure that you are able to compare prices all in one place and be confident you are getting a great deal. Simply select a model above to start your journey to getting a new Subaru car.

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