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Known for producing high-quality, family-friendly cars for the better part of a century, the German car manufacturer has become one of the most recognisable brands on the road today. From fun-love city cars to spacious SUVs, Volkswagen has it all. 
The Volkswagen brand has gone from strength to strength since it started its relationship with the UK in 1952. Seen as an industry leader in the UK, Volkswagen Group UK is the country's largest importer of vehicles, employing, directly and indirectly, over 1,800 people nationwide.
If you’re looking for a small city car then the Volkswagen Up! Is the motor for you. How about a car that is compact but still suitable for the family? Then the Volkswagen Polo or VW Golf could be your next ride. Not only are Volkswagen able to cater to every style of the driver, but they also have a range of new electric cars and new hybrid cars available too.

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