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As one of the best-known automotive brands in the world, Volvo has long been producing cars that are extremely safe and reliable. The Swedish carmaker began their journey in 1927 with the goal to make cars strong and safe enough to travel down the bendy Swedish roads. Since then, they have developed cars to tackle all sorts of roads all over the world. 
What makes the Volvo range one of such comfort for so many drivers has a lot to do with the fact that they are all incredibly safe. Volvo Cars have been a leader in the field of car safety for decades. In addition to occupant protection features such as airbags and crumple zones, Volvo has added driver assistance systems that can help avoid and mitigate collisions. These systems also support you with manoeuvring or parking.
To protect the world we share, Volvo is doing more than merely electrifying its range of cars. A range of economical powertrains can be found across the Volvo range, including intelligent mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. Refinement is often a priority too, with the brand providing comfortable rides and advanced technology to enhance the overall experience.

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From the very start, Volvo Cars have been a brand for people who care about the world we live in and the people around us. There is a Volvo deal for just about everyone. From sleek hatchbacks such as the V40 to upgraded beats like the XC40 SUV or V60 estate, it’s easy to find the right car for you. 
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