22 December 2021
7 Mins read

Toyota Shock Reveals New Range Of Electric Cars

The Japanese firms’ pre-2030 EV line-up will include commercial vehicles, saloons, SUVs and sports cars

Toyota has recently unveiled 15 new all-electric concept vehicles in a sudden announcement that previews the brand’s future strategy when it comes to EVs. The Japanese brand’s president, Akio Toyoda, showcased the 15 wildly diverse concepts for upcoming Toyota and Lexus electric cars, as well as detailed plans for the two firms to launch 30 new electric cars by 2030, in addition to the 15 models, Toyota claimed it would have ready by 2025.

The bold strategy, which looks to improve the brand’s influence in the EV market, also aims for Toyota and Lexus to sell some 3.5 million battery-electric cars by 2030. The new concepts include four bZ-series models previewing more affordable production cars that will eventually sit alongside the previously announced bZ4X SUV in the firm’s new and exciting line-up. Within this lineup, there are cars for every kind of driver, from SUVs, commercial vehicles and off-roaders to a Lexus LFA-inspired supercar!

“We need to reduce emissions as much as possible, as soon as possible” Toyoda, Toyota President

The bZ was joined on stage by a small crossover prototype, which arguably looks like a more modern EV version of the brand’s recently unveiled Aygo X city car crossover. The prototype features some similar styling, such as the chunky yet stylish black-clad wheel arches and raised ride height.

The Japanese brand has said that the bZ small crossover would be aimed at the European and Japanese markets and could make its debut in production form next year. The power consumption is targeted to have a power consumption of five miles per kWh. Typically, the more batteries you add to extend cruising range, the bigger and more expensive a vehicle becomes. With this smaller SUV, Toyota is aiming to be thorough and very particular about power efficiency.

While Toyoda did not outline any technical information or further intended specifications for any of the concepts, he did mention that Toyota aims to deliver “EVs for everyone”. This has been a task that many EV brands have struggled to complete. Many drivers are reluctant to move to a greener vehicle because they are either out of their price range or charging stations are few and far between.

Toyota’s further electric concepts include a pick-up truck which is reminiscent of its current Hilux, an electric SUV which is almost a cross between a modern interpretation of the brand’s FJ Cruiser, an aggressive-looking yet impressive sports car, two further SUVs, a compact urban mobility concept and a last-mile delivery vehicle.

Lexus, Toyota’s sister manufacturer, also unveiled a sports car concept. This sporty Lexus is targeting a low two-second 0-62mph time and a cruising range beyond 700km (435 miles). It is essentially Toyota’s sports car cousin with its shared technology. But, since this Flagship is inspired by the Lexus LFA, it’s likely that the Lexus sports car concept would offer more power and performance than the Toyota.

Even though they have announced this impressive new EV range, Toyota hasn’t always been advocates for the EV revolution. Previously, Toyota actively lobbied against battery electric vehicles. But once the brand realised that as the world’s biggest automaker, it needed to switch sides if it wanted to continue selling cars at the scale that it was used to. Hence why they have announced a $70-billion investment to electrify its entire lineup by 2030, dedicating nearly half that amount to developing battery-electric, zero-emission vehicles alone.

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