30 September 2021
11 Mins read

The New Cars And SUVs Owners Get Rid Of Within The First Year

Nobody likes a breakup…unless it’s with a car that doesn’t deliver. According to a report conducted by the automotive data and research company iSeeCars.com, 3.4% of all new vehicles are traded in within the first year after! Whether it’s buyer’s remorse, rising maintenance costs, reliability issues or maybe it just doesn’t live up to the expectations you had, the number of new car and SUV buyers part ways with their purchase within the first year is rising.

With the sharp rise in drivers choosing to lease or PCH their vehicles over buying, it seems that the behaviour around how long you keep your car has changed. British motorists are becoming accustomed to treating their vehicles like their mobile phones, trading them in every two or three years for the latest models or upgrades. But there are some vehicles that, for one reason or another, owners are most likely to get rid of a lot sooner than that.

Let’s take a look at the top new cars and SUVs that owners get rid of in the first year.

1) Mercedes Benz C-Class

You may be surprised to find the Mercedes Benz C-Class on our list but the luxurious C-Class has a huge 12.4% return rate within the first year.

One thing is guaranteed if you drive a Mercedes C-Class, you’ll certainly turn some heads. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the German marque’s mid-size luxury sedan and is a sophisticated addition to the Mercedes line. Not only are they one of the nicest cars in which to travel with well-decorated interiors, but they are also surprisingly cost-effective runners too, especially when compared with BMWs and other high-end motors.

It seems to be issues with the high cost of ownership, engine issues and lock problems all are commonly spoken about across the board.

One of the most widely reported problems with C-Class Mercedes is that that electric connections in the engine often have trouble working with the crankshaft sensors, which can lead the car simply shut down and stop working. Unfortunately, unless you are a qualified mechanic, you will need to take the car to a garage to be repaired. This is because the engine will need to be completely reset to work with the electronics in the vehicle computer.

Another issue that drivers found with the C-Class was the locks. Mercedes lock problems are legendary in the auto-locksmith industry. This is due to the fact that the keys cannot be duplicated, due to the nature of the transponder chip.

If you have a Mercedes C-Class then it is always worth getting a regular service as with all cars. The popular German car is a great choice for modern motoring and despite a few problems recorded across the range, it is a solid and reliable choice as a family car and keeps its good looks on the road for years as long as you are able to keep up with maintenance.

2) Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque is Land Rover’s smallest SUV in the market. Since its launch in 2011, it has had huge success. Known for its great looks and styling (not to mention the status that comes with the brand), it’s not hard to see why. The Evoque is incredible off-road despite only being powered by a four-cylinder engine, and fun and easy to drive. However, its ability to wade through floods AND gracefully tackle the school run doesn’t hide from the fact that certain issues contributed to a 10.9% return rate after less than a year.

The Evoque is known for its high ownership costs and insurance, as well as some reliability issues. Most of the problems centre around the non-engine electrics, especially around the air-con and sat-nav units. Since the SUV is built to be able to take on adventures, having a faulty sat-nav is not ideal.

Some other common problems that contribute to their high return rate are the automatic gearbox problems. These gearbox bugs can vary greatly and can be caused from a software fault to actuator problems, right up to problems with the gearbox itself.

Now, don’t let these put you off of driving off in a new Range, these are still very reliable and stylish cars. They demand respect and offer great space for families and adventurers alike. It’s no secret that they aren’t the cheapest SUVs on the market so as long as you can afford the upkeep then they are a great feature for your driveway.

3) BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is a hugely popular car among UK motorists and has been the long-standing benchmark for sports sedans. BMW offers this car with a smooth and powerful six-cylinder engine and a well-tuned, balanced chassis have made the 3-Series the choice for drivers who want luxury, power, and handling.

However, styling and a fancy badge doesn’t make up for everything. Many 3 Series drivers have spoken about the high maintenance costs. Over 11.8% of buyers sent the mid-size back to the shop within the first year of ownership.

It’s big and comfortable but it certainly has drawbacks. The first is that the turning circle is enormous and makes steering difficult. BMW’s latest electric steering system is not very communicative and even causes some drivers to feel disconnected from the car. Not being able to manoeuvre tight areas or smooth steering while travelling at fast speeds has made many drivers feel uneasy about driving the 3 Series on a daily basis.

Now, it is a car that other manufacturers continually measure their own models against. The 3-Series is a fantastic driving car that expertly mixes canyon-carving ability with everyday practicality. If you can master the steering issues then it is a fantastic car to drive.

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