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More About Dacia

While it may feel like Dacia is quite new, the Romanian car manufacturer has been around and dominating the market since 1966. With a particular strength and passion for safety, technology and practicality, Dacia manages to tick off a number of boxes that many motorists really value.
 Now a subsidiary of car giant Renault, Dacia has grown from strength to strength over the years. Dacia's vast range of vehicles has been manufactured to save money both on and off the road. Dacia’s latest line-up boasts a stylish range of affordable vehicles that includes the second-generation Duster SUV and the best-selling Sandero hatchback. The Romanian manufacturer has a growing reputation in the UK for being a safe, reliable and stylish brand and Leasing is a fantastic way to get driving one of Dacia's finest new models.
Over the last few years, Dacia has become a competitive and popular family-car option and the Sandero is a fantastic example of this. All of their latest vehicles have their own separate strengths but hold onto the brand’s core values and details. 

Leasing your Dacia with cars2buy

Owned by French carmaker Renault, Dacia is a Romanian firm that gives UK drivers a range of easy-to-drive and well-made vehicles at attractive prices. Opting for a Dacia lease for your next car gives you the option of many stylish vehicles that have received plenty of recent praise in the automotive world. 
Explore our latest Dacia car leasing deals above. We have made leasing your brand new Dacia simple and pain-free. Since we showcase all of the top lease deals from the top dealerships around the UK in one place, it makes the search and comparison easier than ever. All you need to do is decide how long you want the lease to run (most personal leases are taken on contracts of between 2 & 4 years), what your annual mileage will be and how much deposit you want to put down.