Hyundai Lease Deals

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About Hyundai

Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, Hyundai is the kingpin of the Sports Utility Vehicle. With every car manufacturer wanting to make their own, Hyundai has the most varied array of SUVs out there, so you can find the perfect vehicle for handling kids, dogs, and off-road adventures. 

What is the Hyundai Range of Vehicles?

The Hyundai range consists of their best-selling SUV, the Tucson, which reached almost half a million sales globally in 2021. That’s not the only wide-wheel wagon, though, as the more compact and budget Kona, or the seven-seater Santa Fe, which have all received a perfect 5/5 rating in some 2022 motor reviews. Their range of hatchbacks (the i10, i20, and i30) stack like a set of Russian dolls with their incremental size, and they have breached the hybrid and electric car market with the Ioniq. Across the range, Hyundais are acclaimed for their fuel economy, premium build quality and value for money.

Finding a Hyundai lease with cars2buy

If you’re on the lookout for a new Hyundai to lease, cars2buy is the number one site in the UK to find dealers near you. We cover a broad range of their models to cover as many of your needs and desires as possible. Our commitment to ease of use means that you can enquire like a pro, navigating individual yearly model updates if you’re in the market for an exact model. We seek to give you all the information you need to give an informed decision on a new lease, including the mileage limits, available colours and engine size, to put you in the driver’s seat. Simply pick how long you want the lease to run, your optimal annual mileage and how much deposit you can put down today, and you’ll be able to be on the road with one swift transaction. Many of our dealers accept part exchange as an option to lease, giving you the option to easily trade for a new car in one swift lease.