Land Rover Lease Deals

Start your search for a Land Rover personal lease by choosing a model below. We have all Land Rover models available for you to compare deals from top UK leasing companies.

Start your search for a Land Rover personal lease by choosing a model below. We have a great choice of Land Rover and Range Rover offers available for you to compare deals from the UK’s top leasing companies.
Fancy a white Range Rover Sport SVR on finance? How about a black Range Rover Evoque on a zero-deposit PCP? Here at cars2buy, we have the best Land Rover deals in the UK, available to lease anywhere from 24 to 48 months.
The Range Rover Evoque has become one of the UK’s most stylistic cars, and we have it in all the Evoque’s colours, including grey, white, black and silver. There are special trims on offer, too, including the Evoque S, which includes built-in sat nav and adaptive cruise control, as well as the Evoque Autobiography with its improved power package and additional luxury features. The performance-focused Range Rover Sport offers weight reduction to create the ideal urban traversal unit, obtainable via cars2buy for a lease price as low as £630 per month.
Then there’s the original Land Rover lineup. The Land Rover Defender is one of the toughest 4x4s the UK has ever made, while the Land Rover Discovery is a premium SUV that reviews have described as “A heroically talented go-anywhere, do-anything family SUV.”
If you want to drive a new Land Rover or Range Rover without the heavy upfront cost, car leasing is a brilliant alternative of getting that brand new car feeling at regular intervals without having to commit for what can seem like a lifetime. You simply hand the lease car back at the end of the term and are free to come back to cars2buy and find a lease offer for another brand new car. Using cars2buy's car leasing comparison service, you can search and compare millions of car lease deals from the top leasing companies up and down the UK. Start your search by selecting what Land Rover model you wish to have, and then whittle it down to the perfect deal for you.