Mercedes-Benz Lease Deals

Start your search for a Mercedes-Benz personal lease by choosing a model below. We have all Mercedes-Benz models available for you to compare deals from top UK leasing companies.

About Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is the quintessential German luxury car. Since creating the first-ever combustion engine for a car in 1886, they have consistently innovated to give its customers the most comfortable and convenient drive of their lives without sacrificing quality or style.

Since the introduction of the modern Mercedes as we know them today, they have created some of the most gorgeously elegant models found on the market. Some of the most elegant Mercedes models include the Mercedes CLA AMG, SLS AMG, CLK AMG, G-Class and almighty 300SL with its iconic gullwing doors. All of these models contributed to a proud history of out-and-out glamour with zero compromises, while making sure to never leave their strong racing pedigree behind.

Why Lease a Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz is a name that speaks for itself as one of the quintessential luxury car brands and is undeniably popular in business and personal leasing. The German carmaker makes models for almost every purpose and size you could want, and cars2buy offers a bounty of UK leases on every model, going quite literally from A to Z.

Firstly, there’s the Mercedes A-Class saloon which provides the best all-round compact package, including the A45S hatchback edition. However, the C-Class estate ups the amount of executive luxury on display, particularly the Mercedes CLA AMG shooting brake model, which makes things more sporty and practical simultaneously. If you’re looking for something even more classy, the E-Class is a perfect choice, especially the excellent group of E-Class convertibles that will make you feel like a kid again.

Moreover, the G-Class Mercedes is a strong and dependable SUV range that encompasses the infamous G Wagon. If you’re looking to make a statement with a new Mercedes G-Class, a 24-month lease is a great option for those looking to switch their drive up in a couple of years. 

On the opposite end of the scale, for commercial drivers, the Mercedes Benz Vito brings the Mercedes experience to the world of vans. If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, Mercedes have covered those bases too with the acclaimed EQA and EQC models. There’s an EV alternative to almost every model they make, so the transition from petrol pump to plug socket has never been easier.

Why Lease a Mercedes with cars2buy?

At cars2buy, we can assist you as the middleman between you and thousands of verified UK lease partners. Using our advanced filter tools, you can remove any deals that don’t suit your term length, initial payment and annual mileage needs. Our transparent service makes it easy and lightning-quick to find the Mercedes lease deal that’s right for you. A new car lease means efficient engineering, great safety levels and reduced running costs all with a lease contract that you control. This is especially the case for a reliable carmaker like Mercedes-Benz, so why not start your search today?