Renault Lease Deals

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About Renault

France’s ultimate manufacturer when it comes to family cars, small cars and commercial vehicles, Renault has gone from strength to strength in its proud 120+ year history.

What is the Renault Lineup?

You have the iconic Renault Clio, one of the most famous hot hatches in the world, and at cars2buy is not just available in automatic gearbox models, but hybrid editions too. The new Renault Clio E-Tech Hybrid RS Line brings a newfound ride comfort and electric performance that Renault has been working towards for years. There’s so many dynamic features and quality of life improvements to this model that you’ll start to question how it’s all in such a small, manageable package. If you’re after something a bit bigger, the new 2022 Renault Captur has been commended for its “Excellent space and practicality” in reviews, and the Renault Megane brings maximum safety and fun back into hatchbacks, particularly with its Megane Sport Tourer RS Line. SUVs are a market Renault are familiar with thanks to the Renault Kadjar SUV, but the Renault Zoe represents the company’s bold move towards EVs. The Zoe electric car carries excellent range at a full charge, and at cars2buy, our Renault Zoe UK lease offers are priced better than anywhere else you can hope to find.
Additionally, Renault also are big into the commercial vehicles market, and have been ever since providing military vehicles in World War I. That heritage carries through to the Renault Trafic van, which competes with the Transit heavily in the UK and many prefer the French counterpart. Get yourself a Renault deal at cars2buy today, and you can set exactly when you’d like your contract to last. After it’s up, simply send it back to the leaser and you are free to choose another Renault model right here.