Smart Lease Deals

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About Smart

Launched in 1998 as a spin-off brand for Mercedes-Benz, Smart has created a buzz for its affordable, fuel-efficient and space-saving microcars. When they properly made strides in the market in the late 00s, it was a revolution for the city car that was so small that it could be parallel-parked nose-to-kerb. Now, the city car is a staple of any carmaker’s lineup, and fuel economy is among the primary improvements of the past 10 to 15 years, all thanks to the humble Smart car.

Why Lease A Smart?

Smart cars are also award-winning for their approach to safety. Their innovative ‘Tridion’ safety cell encloses the entire chassis in a steel cage, which means crashes with larger vehicles are better withstood. The Smart car truly lives up to its name, and at cars2buy, we have their classic models available as brand new car leases. Lease a Smart car for 12 months, and get around the city in a simple, fuel-efficient way.

What else is in the Smart lineup?

The Smart Fortwo coupe is the pocket-sized wonder that put the company on the map. It’s sold over one and a half million worldwide, and its distinguished fuel economy and ultra-low CO2 emission rate makes the case for the environmentally-conscious city traveller. In addition, cars2buy also has the Smart Fortwo Cabrio edition for those looking for a convertible version, as well as the four-seater Smart Forfour. Use our search filters to whittle down the very best of our selection of Smart car leases on no deposit, and you’ll be on the city streets in a car in no time!