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About Skoda

Czech automaker Skoda carries Eastern European motoring on the world stage and has done an exceptional job. The company started life as a bicycle maker until it moved to fully-fledged consumer cars after World War II. Even then, Skodas were only available in the Soviet Union until Volkswagen took them under their huge German wing in 1990. This is when drivers began to catch onto the incredible luxury and strength that a Skoda car provides.
Today, Skoda is on a consistent run of delivering tough and dependable vehicles that are rich in sumptuous features. And with additions such as the new Skoda Enyaq iV breaking the carmaker into the world of EVs, they are also a company firmly looking towards the future.

Why Lease a New Skoda as a Business Car?

At cars2buy, Skoda lease deals are flying off the shelves as business people are starting to recognise them as one of Europe’s most reliable car manufacturers. A Skoda Kamiq lease is a safe bet for a space-efficient SUV that balances comfort and glamour, while a Skoda Enyaq lease is a step into the future with a substantial battery and range. Dealing in estates, family cars and SUVs, Skoda is about driving in the luxury of a Mercedes for the price of a Ford.

Why Lease a Skoda with cars2buy?

At cars2buy, we have collated the most trusted lease partners in the UK to ensure that every lease and Skoda deal on our website is one that you can have confidence in. We know how big of a commitment it can feel to get a car lease online, and at cars2buy, we have done the hard work to bring you a long list of the best deals around from accredited leasers. With our transparent service and simple approach to lease comparison, browsing through our list of Skoda deals is easy and hassle-free. So whether you’re searching for a Skoda Enyaq lease to go electric with or a Skoda Kamiq lease to relax on your commute, find the perfect Skoda lease deals for business at an affordable price with cars2buy today.