Honda Civic displaces BMW 3 Series as king of reliability

18 Dec 2018

When you buy a new car, you expect it to run without any problems for a long time. In the majority of cases, that’s usually what happens and one company car magazine has just revealed which car is the most dependable out there: the Honda Civic

The humble hatchback achieved the top spot in this year’s FN50 survey - a reliability index of cars operated by the top 50 fleet operating companies.

Commissioned by Fleet News, the annual analysis asked Britain’s 50 largest leasing firms (in terms of fleet size) to rank the best vehicles and manufacturers for reliability. Scores were compiled to create a top 10 for cars, and a top five for vans.

After the Civic, the next most reliable was last year’s number one - the BMW 3 Series - followed by the 5 Series, VW Golf and Audi A4.

Completing the top ten was the Ford Focus, VW Passat, Kia Ceed, Toyota Prius and Nissan Qashqai.

BMW is still Britain's most reliable car manufacturer

The 3 Series may have been dethroned as the most reliable fleet car, but BMW retained its title as the UK's most reliable car manufacturer brand for yet another year.

Adam Harley, BMW Group UK national leasing manager, hailed it as “an outstanding performance”.

He added: “Given the breadth of our range and the significant number of BMWs managed by the FN50, this firmly reinforces the substance of our product.”

When asked why they loved the Civic so much, fleet bosses pointed to its low whole-life costs, impressive depreciation value, competitive finance offers and low running costs.

There are loads of standard safety features too, such as collision mitigation braking, lane keep assist, lane departure warning and road departure mitigation.

Marc Samuel, fleet sales operations manager at Honda UK, said the Civic ranking top was “a fantastic achievement”.

He added: “The Civic is a recognised, sporty brand which is renowned for reliability. This achievement further reinforces our strong credentials in the fleet sector.”

The reliability of the Honda Civic was recently proven at the annual MPG Marathon competition earlier this year when it was named the outright winner, managing an impressive 87.53mpg over a route of 331 miles. It also scooped an award for the best percentage improvement over a car’s claimed fuel economy.

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