Pininfarina Pushes Forward With Hypercar

7 Sep 2020

Through the turmoil of the last few months, manufacturers have had a very difficult time when it comes to moving forward to with new designs and models. However, that hasn’t stopped Pininfarina from announcing that they are still looking to get their new hypercar onto the streets this year.

That is great news for hypercar enthusiasts as it means that the 1900BHP Battista will be up and running, ready to tear around the streets of the United Kingdom, before Christmas.

New Management

In total, Automobili Pininfarina aims to release 150 units of the Battista, at a price tag of £1.7 million. This instantly shows just how prestigious the Battista is going to be once it hits the streets. New CEO, Per Svantesson, stated the following in regards to this new hypercar;
“Producing high-performance cars like this requires complete attention to detail. It’s one thing making a beautiful design, but we need to promise a lot to customers and then keep that promise through ownership.”
Svantesson was promoted to CEO during a recent management shuffle within the company, and this seems to have led to the push for the Battista’s release to the wild.

A Push For EVs Too

On top of the drive to get the Battista out on the road, Automobili Pininfarina is moving forward with their desires to release new electric vehicles to the world. The first of these will be an SUV designed to rival the Urus, with an estimated 1000bhp electric motor. It is planned to cost around £275,000 on release, keeping the luxury nature of the Automobili Pininfarina brand.
However, the original plan to use a platform from Rivian has fallen through after the start up’s deal with Amazon came to an end. However, Per Svantesson had stated that this has not changed the goal for Automobili Pininfarina but did not comment on any potential new partnerships as of yet.
Either way, the manufacturer is still pushing forward with its plans to release the new electric SUV, especially since he said that the recent crisis throughout the world has “made people in the industry more open to sharing and co-operating with technology”.
Therefore, there are still high hopes that the new SUV will be finished and released soon.
Whilst Automobili Pininfarina is willing to use high quality OEM parts for the SUV, Svantesson has also said that “the Pura Vision will produce 1000bhp, and not every mainstream firm is producing technology to support that. We need technology to meet the unique expectations of our customers.”
This suggests that the firm is sticking to their design and quality standards, ensuring that customers will always get the most out of the models that Automobili Pininfarina release.