Queen voted as UK's most popular driving music

21 Aug 2019

Queen voted as UK's most popular driving music

The classic Queen tune Don't Stop Me Now has been voted the UK's favourite driving song of all time in a poll of British motorists.

In the Goodyear survey covering all age groups, the 1979 hit beat Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer and Tina Turner's Simply the Best to take pole position, with Freddie Mercury named as the most inspirational artist ever.

The poll also showed just how important music is to us, with four-fifths of drivers saying a line-up of decent tunes is a necessity for them when they get behind the wheel.

Some 66 per cent even went so far as to say they would rather have music on than chat to friends or family who also happened to be in the vehicle - well, we've all experienced the irritation of someone talking over our favourite song, after all.

When asked why it's so important to have tunes pumping while motoring, 45 per cent reported that it helps them de-stress, while a quarter said it keeps them motivated as they drive to work.

Goodyear Tyres' Andy Marfleet commented: "As a nation we spend a huge amount of time in our cars, and it's clear from our research that music plays a vital role in keeping drivers motivated whilst on the road."

However, given the frequency of roadworks in this country, we're not sure whether Goodyear thought to check if Don't Stop Me Now was actually a plea from drivers to be able to keep moving as opposed to a song vote.

Meanwhile, the government in Japan has already clocked how much drivers love music and has been using that to its advantage.

Some roads over there are now designated 'Melody Roads' and will play popular tunes when cars drive over them - but only if the car is going at the correct speed. They work using grooves in the road that respond to friction from tyres.