SEAT Lease Deals In The UK In 2020

1 Sep 2020

Leasing a SEAT in the UK in 2020 looks to be an increasingly popular decision. The brand has always owned an ability to parallel economic value with aesthetic pleasure, becoming particularly appealing to younger consumers. However, the exciting release of the SEAT Ateca in 2016 (the brand’s first SUV-crossover) suggested a goal to attract a wider net of in-market drivers. Since, SEAT has been living up to every consumer’s expectations with such models as the Leon, Ibiza, Toledo and Ateca earning continual approval and popularity. In this article, we put the spotlight on SEAT and show you why you should consider SEAT lease deals this year.

Some Things You Didn’t Know About SEAT     

Launched in 1950, SEAT hit the car manufacturing industry with a bang. It continually overcame its production targets, the first being 10,000 (bear in mind, this was achieved in a country with a ratio of 3.1 cars per resident). In 1968, SEAT soared over the one-millionth car produced milestone, and in 1974 it celebrated it’s two-millionth. SEAT’s capacity to manufacture so proficiently earned the brand eighth place among the top European car companies.   
Therefore, it has been one of the more familiar brands that most of us would recognise on British roads, particularly the iconic hatchback SEAT Leon Cupra R. This possibly marked the first time that SEAT took on one of the bigger boys in the trade; the VW Golf V5. Not only was the Leon cheaper by £10k, but it was also faster, more comfortable, more economical and took to the road like a bat out of hell. It was better. Ultimately, it set the initial yardstick for SEAT for years to come.   

New Models And SEAT Leasing Deals In 2020

SEAT produces some of the most favourite models to cruise the British motorways. Each model crafted by SEAT owns the ability to marry the most important factors when considering a car to lease. This year the new 2020 Leon Mk4 will be revealed. It will come in petrol and diesel options, plus a plug-in hybrid model with 38 miles of electric range. (Click here for SEAT Leon lease deals).  
SEAT released its first EV last year; the Mii Electric. This adorable city-dweller accomplishes a 161-mile range. Naturally, it entered the market with an edge against its competitors for being extremely value for money - prices starting around £18,000 (alternatively, leasing is a yet more economical method of having access to the SEAT Mii Electric. Click here for SEAT Mii Electric lease deals.). 
If neither SEAT's signature sexy hatchback nor it's environmental warrior example are up your street, how about a PHEV version of the SEAT Tarraco? Constructed with a similar power output as a 1.4-litre petrol VW Passat GTE, the Tarraco PHEV will unleash a glorious 242bhp, making it the most dynamic version of the model. Also, it will accomplish 31-miles of electric range and CO2 emissions will be restricted to below 50g/km making it an incredibly ecological seven-seat SUV. Keep an eye out for PHEV SEAT Tarraco lease deals in 2020, or click here for current Tarraco lease deals!

Why You Should Look At SEAT Leasing Deals In 2020

If this question hadn’t already been well and truly answered, then all you need to do is cast your eye across SEAT’s abundant history and refined ability to deliver the best possible with a gracious price tag. SEAT’s new line up surpasses environmental demands for cleaner driving, meanwhile, you receive all the important attributes you should expect in 21st-century motoring. 
2020’s SEAT models are ecological, economical and packed to the brim with the latest motoring tech to keep both the driver and their passengers more than happy. Leasing a SEAT is a conscious choice to prioritise reliability, performance and value. If you are persuaded that 2020 is the year to lease a SEAT, then click here for the latest SEAT leasing deals in the UK.