Take a Look Inside The Kia Stinger Update

21 Jan 2021

Here you can explore the Kia Stinger update and read about all the engine, design and technology updates for the improved model.

You might already be familiar with the original Kia Stinger which featured the choice of either a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine or a 2.2-litre diesel engine. However, Kia has stated that it found that customers were mainly going for the more powerful option when investing in the Stinger which has a sprint time of 4.7 seconds from 0-62mph and top speeds of 167mph. In fact, the Kia Stinger has always been the fastest-accelerating Kia ever to be sold in Europe. 

Kia Stinger Engine Update

So, what makes the Kia Stinger Update ( (AKA the Kia Stinger 3.3 T-GDi GT S 5dr Auto) even more enticing? Well, first off, the Stinger update features a 361bhp petrol power plant and an eight-speed automatic transmission. It also includes a much larger, even more powerful engine than the original model. This is now a 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 engine. The Kia Stinger update’s V6 engine features a new variable exhaust system which gives you the option to either enhance or lower the sound using a butterfly valve, depending on the drive mode you’re in. 

Kia Stinger Design Update

The Kia Stinger has always been known for having a “gran Turismo character”. So, within the update, this has been emphasised even further with the adaptation of its subtle exterior LED headlights which are now darker to create a sleeker effect when driving at night. The original tail-light design has now been stretched so they are the full width of the Kia Stinger and the indicators in the rear now look like chequered flags.
When it comes to the interior design of the Kia Stinger update, there isn’t much of a difference. However, the addition of some new materials has allowed for a more luxurious feel. For example, the steering wheel now features a chrome finish. Digital instruments display and stitching that contracts the car’s design has also been added to both the dashboard and the car doors (this feature does depend on the Stinger model you purchase). If you are feeling adventurous, you can even upgrade to a suede interior or have a choice from colours, such as black or red Nappa leather.

Kia Stinger Technology Update

The Kia Stinger update also features a range of internal technological upgrades and it has been given some technological enhancements. This includes a new 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with split-screen technology, a voice control option and multi-connection Bluetooth. Whether you are an Apple or an Android user, the Kia Stinger update features both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and you also have the option to upgrade the dashboard binnacle to a 7-inch digital display.
The Kia Stinger technology update doesn’t stop there. It also now features a remote engine start function and driver-assist has had an ultimate upgrade too with new sections, such as safe exit warnings, adaptive cruise control and a blind-spot view monitor which displays blind spots on screen when you change lanes.

Where Can I Lease The Kia Stinger Update?

If you are looking to purchase the new Kia Stinger update, it is currently on sale from £42,595. If you are interested in the Stinger update but you would like to lease, at Cars2buy we have a huge range of leasing options for the Kia Stinger 3.3 T-GDi GT S 5dr Auto on our comparison website. Alternatively, we can offer you all the advice you need on finding the best leasing or purchasing deal for you. Just simply contact us here for more information.