Top 5 City Cars Of 2020

1 Sep 2020

Every year, the roads become busier with more and more of us getting our hands on the wheel of a car. With finance options like Car Leasing making our dream vehicles more affordable than we typically realise, traffic is only set to increase.

That also means that parking will become harder for larger cars, especially when you live in a big city. At times like this, it can help to have a second car for running around the city centre.
Whilst having two cars can often sound like a financial headache, car leasing deals on city cars tend to make this far more achievable. With that said, let’s take a lot of 5 of the best city cars for 2020!

Hyundai i10

The first on our list is easily one of the most understated city cars on the road today. The i10 is Hyundai’s entry level model, but don’t let that fool you! This little beast is extremely fun to drive, especially on country roads. But then, as soon as you get into the city itself, the compact nature of the Hyundai i10 comes into play.
You’ll be able to nip around the corners and junctions without trouble, and the low petrol consumption will help you get around without worry.  

Volkswagen Up

Whilst the Volkswagen Up might very well be the smallest car that the manufacturer produces, you don’t need to worry about not having the top quality build and accessories that Volkswagen are known for. The Up retains all of the style and desirability of its bigger brothers, the Polo and Golf, whilst being designed to make city life that much easier.
You can even get the Volkswagen Up in an all-electric version, meaning that you can feel content as your drive through city traffic.

Kia Picanto

Next up, we have Kia’s city runner; the Picanto. Well known through the last few years, the Picanto can be seen as the cousin of the Hyundai i10. Similar in style and look, the entry level Kia does has a small engine, but it makes up for it in the joy of driving it around the city. Able to move easily between lanes in traffic or fit snuggly into any parking space, the Kia Picanto is a great choice for busy city life.

Fiat 500

Moving on to one of the most well known and sought after city cars out there, the Fiat 500 is widely renowned for its style and pazazz. With a unique look and style, the 500 has become one of the most famous city cars around. If you want a car that everyone will recognise that is also great for darting through the city streets, then the Fiat 500 could be exactly what you need!

Toyota Aygo

Last on our list is Toyota’s entry to the city car lineup; the Toyota Aygo. Whilst the Aygo only has a 1.0 litre engine, it has been boosted up slightly, providing you with 71bhp. This helps to make the Aygo a sporty little city car that you can enjoy both in the city centre and on the motorway.
On top of this, the Aygo makes use of its heritage, ensuring that you get the comfort you would expect from a Toyota.