Volkswagen teams up with Cara Delevingne for T-Cross launch

29 Apr 2019

Volkswagen teams up with Cara Delevingne for T-Cross launch

Volkswagen is hoping to show the versatility of its new compact SUV by teaming up with a famous face from the world of social media and fashion.

The brand has revealed that Cara Delevingne will be the face of the T-Cross in a wide-ranging ad campaign that is to feature the tagline #MoreThan1Thing.

You can expect to see the vehicle and its celebrity representative on TV, print ads, billboards, digital channels and social media portals as the hype ramps up for the release of the new vehicle.

Delevingne has been one of the world's top models for more than a decade, but she is also famous for having a range of other interests, including playing the drums, surfing and photography.

Volkswagen's Katie Jones explained that this partnership will help to demonstrate the multi-faceted nature of the T-Cross in a creative and lively way, allowing potential buyers to see that it will easily fit in with a range of different lifestyles, despite being the smallest SUV the brand offers.

One particularly interesting advert for the T-Cross will be set up on the walkway bridge at Stratford City's Westfield Shopping Centre. As viewers walk past it, it will appear to move and therefore show the new car in all its glory.

Delevingne said she feels the T-Cross reflects her and her personality because it is fun, diverse, versatile, fast and sleek.

Volkswagen's Jurgen Stackmann added: "Cara Delevingne and the T-Cross are a perfect match: both are multi-faceted all-rounders - young, cool and versatile. Cara is the personification of the claim that we have developed for the T-Cross: 'more than one thing'. I am very pleased about this cooperation."

The T-Cross had its world premiere last autumn and will round off Volkswagen's SUV range in the small car segment as an urban crossover model designed to break new ground in its class.

Volkswagen will no doubt hope it proves as popular as its other bestselling models, including the Golf, Tiguan, Jetta and Passat.