Cars That We Love From The 2021 Munich Motor Show

20 Sep 2021

In early September, Munich played host to the first major motor show since the pandemic started. From the fresh body designs to the changes in engine types appearing, it was apparent that there’s been a big change in the motor industry in the last 18 months. 

The ‘IAA Mobility’ or Munich Motor Show showcased a real blend of tech, cars and all things mobility. Cars as we know them are changing fast. From fuels types to driver-assist technology, the show gave the public a glimpse into what the future holds. Replacing the usual Frankfurt motor show, IAA Mobility is geared at highlighting some big industry players and the incredible cars that they have been working on. 
Despite some notable absences, there are lots to talk about such as Audi’s abstract Skysphere concept and the sporty Porsche Mission R motor. From brave design choices to bold industry decisions, we’re going to show you the cars that we love from the 2021 Munich Motor Show.

1) Kia Sportage

We have decided to start our list with the humble yet sophisticated Kia Sportage. The new Sportage, which now features plug-in hybrid and hybrid powertrains, had a lot of heads turning. Kia seems to have taken a radical step away from SUV shapes and draws design cues from the brand’s classy all-electric model, the EV6. It is the first time Kia has produced a specific model for the European market and, despite being derived from the EV6 design, the car certainly has a unique look about it. 
The SUV packs a 13.8kWh battery feeding a 90bhp electric motor that works in conjunction with a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol unit and a plethora of Intelligent Car and driver-assist technology included. 

2) Audi grandsphere

Audi showed off two of its 'Sphere' concepts at the Munich Motor Show. The first, the ‘grandsphere’, is an all-electric luxury car. Audi showcased a few fancy numbers at the Motor Show but the grandsphere is one of our favourites. 
What you get inside is a subversion of the usual luxury saloon layout. Inside the grandsphere, there is a whole new steering wheel, column and pedals that can be retracted at the touch of a steering wheel-mounted button. There are also two fancy armchairs looking out onto a wraparound wooden dash that’s made from recycled materials (great for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint). Audi has referred to the grandsphere as a “private jet for the road” and it’s not hard to see why.
Unsurprisingly, this 5.35m elongated whopper is fully electric and features Level 4 autonomous tech, while the 120kWh battery provides 710bhp, 960Nm of torque and a driving range of around 460 miles between charges.

3) Porsche Mission R

What is Porsche’s next step in electric after the success of the Taycan? Well the new Mission R concept might just give you the answer. Porsche is planning on its own customer electric race series from 2025. And the concept for the car? the Mission R. 
Porsche's Munich show star was a car designed for a single-make racing series, but those behind the concept have confirmed they are working on production cars at the same time. Though this isn’t a car designed for mass production YET, we are still excited by the power its all-electric engine has. The Mission R is powered by a battery of around 80kWh, while two electric motors help it produce up to 1,072bhp. 
With the sporty Porsche, there will be no need for short races or battery swaps. They say it'll do the equivalent length race to a 911 Carrera Cup round, which is 30 or 40 minutes depending on the type of circuit. Battery recharge time to 80% is just 15 minutes, using a special 350kW charge unit each team would take to the track. 

4) Volkswagen ID. LIFE

Volkswagen stunned the crowds at the Munich show with the new ID. Life. This concept car is an all-electric 'crossover' that will merge into a production car by 2025. 
VW is going all out with the stunning ID. LIFE, calling it a crossover between a supermini and an SUV. The LIFE features a Tesla Model S style yoke and a minimalist wooden dash. The quirky sustainability doesn’t stop there, the ID. Life features a zip-on roof, which can be quickly removed to provide some open-top fun. Not to mention it also makes use of sustainable materials, with paintwork made from wood chips and a roof and bonnet produced from plastic bottles.
The ID. LIFE is based on a smaller variant of Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB) and is the first time a vehicle based on the MEB has front-wheel drive. The ID. LIFE is able to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, includes a 172 kW (234 PS) electric motor and a 57 kWh high-voltage battery. 
The future is very clearly electric. At cars2buy we are very excited by the possibility that electric vehicles will bring. From cleaner air and sustainable power stations, our roads are due to look very different over the next decade. If you want to learn more about our thoughts on electric vehicles then check out our EV articles here. To buy or lease your next electric car, contact us today.