Tesla Lease Deals

Start your search for a Tesla personal lease by choosing a model below. We have all Tesla models available for you to compare deals from top UK leasing companies.

About Tesla

Developed in Palo Alto, California, Tesla is a world-famous name in the EV industry. After launching the first ever electric sports car in 2008 with the Tesla Roadster, the company swiftly became a leading light in developing electric vehicle manufacturing. Now, you can browse the captivating Tesla lease deals range at cars2buy and find your way into the EV revolution.

The American electric carmaker has revolutionised motoring at large by producing cars that are both desirable and produce zero emissions, thanks to their impressively long-range batteries that allow up to 350 miles of range in a single charge. Once seen as a luxury, Tesla has remoulded the way that we look at electric cars and has allowed everyday drivers to go green.

What Tesla Leases Are Available?

When it comes to Tesla leasing deals, the Model 3 is one of the more affordable options available in the UK and can handle a longer distance between battery charges than most of its closest rivals. Charging is a breeze too, with the numerous Tesla Superchargers dotted around the country providing rapid charging speeds. Plus, having a battery means that there’s no waiting around for the engine to get to speed - you can simply put your foot down and go out the line like a Scalextric car.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model Y is a compact crossover that enhances boot space, comfort levels and drivability in all-terrain conditions. Inside every Tesla is a massive 15-inch touchscreen display that updates regularly with new features to improve your car as time goes on, rather than the traditional depreciation of cars. A Tesla represents a technological shift in the automotive world, and you can be a part of that shift for an affordable monthly cost with one of cars2buy’s Tesla lease deals.

Why Lease a Tesla with cars2buy?

The secret to cars2buy is down to our transparent service. We scour the web and build an extensive list of the best Tesla leasing deals at affordable monthly prices so you can get your hands on a brand-new Tesla at a price that works for you.

With cars2buy, you can drive away in a Tesla with a lease price that will beat any leasing site in the UK because we don’t cost a penny extra in commission. If you’re looking for the most head-turning EV on the roads then simply use our handy filter to fine-tune your search and you could be enjoying a Tesla in its prime years sooner than you think.