Jaguar Lease Deals

Start your search for a Jaguar personal lease by choosing a model below. We have all Jaguar models available for you to compare deals from top UK leasing companies.

More About Jaguar

The UK's king of luxury automobiles, available for lease on cars2buy. Jaguar is so well-known for delivering high-quality, unmistakably British indulgence that the royal family are known to drive them, and you can lease one of our impressive range today.

What is the Jaguar Range of Cars?

The marquee model in our lineup is the beautiful F-Type, billed as the successor to the E-type, often called one of the best cars in British history. There’s the standard coupe version available with a titan engine, and better still, we offer the Jaguar F-Type convertible, so you can drop the top on a lease car on the way to the golf club, summer house or wherever your heart takes you. The F-Pace and E-Pace duo is the carmaker’s foray into the world of SUVs, and the long-standing XE and XF models deliver the brand’s familiar air of luxury estate driving. Then there’s the long-awaited i-Pace, which marks the company’s first venture into EVs with an ultra-big battery to last those long Sunday afternoon drives.

Leasing a Jaguar Through cars2buy

cars2buy offers the services needed to take you every step of the way towards your new leased Jaguar. Use our handy filters to search out only the deals you’re interested in. You can choose to only include specific engine sizes, trims, transmission and even the maximum price of the deal. We’re here to help you find the absolute best offers on your next lease. Once you’re done with the lease, you can easily switch over to a new car with cars2buy once again! Perhaps you could go for an Alfa Romeo or push the boat out and get a Mercedes. The choice is yours!